Help and Support

On-line Documentation and Downloadable User Guide

The complete online CASTEP Documentation and the downloadable CASTEP User Guide (200+ page PDF) from Materials Studio - created by Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA.

For the CASTEP Community Documentation and tutorial site see

Help with CASTEP input

CASTEP has a built-in keyword help system. To get more information on CASTEP use:

castep -help

(where "castep" should be replaced with "castep.serial" for the serial version of CASTEP, or "castep,mpi" for the parallel version.)

Alternatively you can search for help on a particular topic

castep -help search <keyword>

where <keyword> is any text you'd like to search for in CASTEP's internal help system.

To list all of CASTEP's input parameters (in both the param and cell input files), use:

castep -help all